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  • The outer game is won by winning the inner battles.

The outer game is won by winning the inner battles.

Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life

With the internet, Google, AI and apps such as TikTok the insanely fast paced world has this backwards. The inner game is where it’s at.

The problem with the inner game is it starts feeling lonely. It’s not as exciting. It’s not glamorous. It’s often tedious and boring.

Reversing dopamine and other chemical reactions feels tough.

Shawn Coyne and Steven Pressfield call it resistance.

Bob Proctor’s definition and book on this subject: Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, is my ultimate resource on this subject. I listen to it over and over.

Whatever you call it, you must dominate it. Become a warrior and wage this inner war to win the outer reality you desire.

Your biggest enemy is you. Look in the mirror. Mine is me.

Create more than I consume.

To do this I create habits and do them daily. For example, I write daily and put it out in the world. My inner voice said don’t do it. No one will benefit. Then I realized one person will. Maybe two. I will and maybe someone else will. Is it you?

I am not the hero of the story, I’m a guide. For myself and for you. A guide to hopefully help you learn from my journey and lessons learned.

I peel back the mask and reveal parts of my inner game. I am living my life and then I am reporting back here on what I am experiencing and learning so you can benefit from the lessons, mistakes and transformations in my life.

Conquering your inner game, life, is all about transformation. Becoming more me, my authentic self. Transformation is the common theme in all stories. Do you want to transform some aspect of your life?

You are part of an exclusive club. You have become more aware of yourself and the desire to grow.

So, decide to change and you will. You create your world, whether you realize it or not.

You change people's lives. Right now. Whether you realize it or not. Whether it’s for the better or not.

I invite you to look in the mirror and commit to fighting your inner battles. Find inspiration from wherever your heart leads you.