My Manifesto:

Live a Phenomenal Life

I strive to live a phenomenal life.

To reach my full potential and share my experiences and what I learn with my children and those closest to me first.

Then, I extend out to family, friends, community, state, country, world and universe so you, and everyone else can also live a phenomenal life.

I focus on improving daily in 7 main areas: health, wealth, love, freedom, fun, learning and creation.

I let go and only control the 4 things anyone can control: my thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

I guard my time, energy, resources and capacity so I can direct it to people and things that I care about and I am most passionate about.

Energy and feelings are my main guidance system along with my standards and principles.

I strive to love unconditionally and be in the moment. I encourage you to do this also.

I am so appreciative and grateful for everything.

I strive to be present and my most authentic self.

I want for myself, my children and everyone to:

Live a phenomenal life.