6 things I track daily & the tools I use

I used to wing it, data is much better.

My goal is freedom.

I used to think that not tracking things, going with the flow and doing what I want was freedom.

Then I heard this on a podcast:

“Discipline Equals Freedom”

Jocko Willink

Wait! What?! I was confused.

This challenged my false belief, a belief is something you tell yourself over and over.

So…I set out to test my belief.

Well, turns out…I was wrong. Not everyone will be incorrect by winging it, not tracking things and going through life as a plastic bag in a wind gust. It was no longer working for me though.

I set out to figure out how to be more successful.

On my journey I heard people say things like:

  • “What you measure matters.”

  • “Know your numbers.”

  • "What improves is what you pay attention to.”

Then, I hear @robdydek talk about how tracking his time to the second changed his life.

I was hooked, not only did he become my new favorite business person (sorry Richard Branson) he changed my life with the knowledge he shared. And I hope this will help at least one person improve their life.

Track Your Time to Optimize Your Life

I researched and found the best tools for me. They are:

-To track to dos @tabextend

-To Track Time, I use @Clockify

-To Track Macros in/out @MyFitnessPal

-To track Calories burned, Polar Beat Watch @PolarGlobal

-To track money I use @Mint and I look at my bank balances

-To track Leads I look at dashboard activities.

Let me know which tools you use.